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Ext - Taka's House - Day - Not a rock, I'm just Ruth
All Me, no apologies
Ext - Taka's House - Day
Title: Ext. Taka's House - Day
Author: Ruth
Series: The Last Samurai.
Disclaimers: "The Last Samurai"is the property of Warner Bros, Edward Zwick, Tom Cruise and many other people. Characters and situations are being used without permission for entertainment purposes only, no profit is being made from said interpretations.
Rating: G
Pairing: none.
Warnings: In the movie, the entire conversation is in Japanese with subtitles, some nuances may have been lost in translation.
Archive: Dryer Space
Feedback: Anglofans@aol.com
Summary: Taka's thoughts as she speaks to her brother about his prisoner.
symbols: / =italics

Taka: Brother, please, make him leave, I cannot stand it.

Katsumoto: Is he so repulsive?

Repulsive! I wish he were. His skin is smooth, except where his scars raise up. His muscles are firm. Would it shock you if I told you I have touched your prisoner's body more than I touched my husband's since Magojiro was born? I doubt you would care. I did my duty. Our marriage was a arrangement that was - adequate.

I did not realize how lonely I was until he came. I look at his hands and wonder what it would be like to be touched by them. It is disloyal. It is unthinkable.

Taka: The shame is unbearable. I ask permission to end my life.

I have shocked you. It is almost amusing. Will you take me seriously? Certainly if anything were to happen to me, you would make peace with the Emperor for the sake of my sons.

I cannot help but think of how your prisoner acts with my sons. Magojiro made faces at him at the table. Later that night, I heard him laughing. There he was, peeping around the panel and there was the foreigner with his eyes crossed and his tongue hanging out of his mouth. I almost laughed myself.

Today, he was writing as Higen practiced his brush strokes. I heard my son giggle. There was your prisoner, pretending to take his thumb off and put it back on. I called Higen away on an errand.

I do not want him around my sons. Hirotaro never played with them. He never made them laugh like that. He was stern, formal, proper. I do not want them to prefer him to their father's memory.

Katsumoto: You will do as you are told! Would you rather I kill him to avenge your husband?

Taka: Yes. . .

I wish you had killed him on the battlefield and not made me bind his wounds and see that his blood was the same color as my own. Not made me hear him scream with nightmares and wake sobbing like a child. . . I wish you had left him a foreign monster and not a lost human being.

Katsumoto: Hirotaro tried to kill the American. It was Karma.

Taka: I know. Forgive my weakness.

Karma answers everything. What did I do in some past life, what sins have I committed in this life to merit the punishment of that man's sad eyes?

Katsumoto: There must be some reason why he's here. (beat) It's beyond my understanding.

He is here to make me feel and think things I should not have ever had to feel or to think.

Why can he not stay an enemy?



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