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fic: Blackout - Not a rock, I'm just Ruth
All Me, no apologies
fic: Blackout
(Inspired by this image from baikautsugi)

(characters are from my original story Latkes)

It was a "hush snow" - soft, steady flakes that absorbed all sound; not that there was much noise in the new sub-division. Ours was the display model on the cul-de-sac, so there were three empty lots between us and another house. Now that the sun had set, we might as well have been out on the old western frontier.

"Ugh!" Matt complained as he came back from the garage were we'd picked up a phone signal. "According to the recording at the state police station, power's out for about fifty thousand customers. It's probably going to be tomorrow evening before we get any lights, Mary."

"Good thing Casey gave us all these candles." My sister-in-law had candle parties for extra income. I picked a selection of dinner tapers and set them up in the smallest downstairs room we had planned to use as an office space. Matt had already dragged our sleeping bags in there. He set up the lantern and we had a cold dinner of sandwiches and soda.

I tucked my feet under me as I sat in the window seat. This was part of why this floor plan won my heart - I had always wanted a window seat like Mary Lennox or Jo March had in their stories.

"Welcome home," said Matt.

"It's not home yet," I smiled, "but it will be."

Matt nodded and we watched the snow drift down.
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