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Day 10 - 170 words - Not a rock, I'm just Ruth
All Me, no apologies
Day 10 - 170 words
Fortunately, everyone started "Dancin' In the Street" at that point. Roger and I were separated by the enthusiasm and I guess we annoyed the crowd at the Baseball stadium because the city police came to shoo everyone off the street. Maddy dragged Roger into the club to introduce him to his "other kids." Pavo pouted, but I insisted on leaving.

"Look, just because he dresses like my mother, doesn't mean he has to start _acting_ like her!" I complained to Pavo on the way home.

"He's not telling you to get married _or_ to have babies; Roger's a nice guy who's been through a shitty time and his Dad wants him to meet someone he thinks is a nice person too. He just wants you both to be happy," Pavel grinned, "and he dresses better than your mother."

"Why," I demanded. "Does everyone assume I'm not happy because I'm not getting laid?"

"Because everyone else isn't happy unless they're getting laid."

I swatted his back and he laughed at me.


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