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Day 2 - 315 words - Not a rock, I'm just Ruth
All Me, no apologies
Day 2 - 315 words
mini_wrimo Confessions of a Three-Eyed Fag Hag

"Oh, but Jeri's going to be doing Tina for the dedication of the new building!" Pavo pouted and gave me puppy eyes. He was in his human form. His real name is Pavel Obzhora and he claims his family were "wolf soldiers" to the Czars. It might be true, but there's rare few weyrs that are purebloods any more, most of them are mutts like any other American. This is a good thing, because in New York State private ownership of a wolf, wolf-cross, coyote or coyote-cross is illegal and they all need their yearly shots so they settle for looking like Shepherd crosses or Malamute crosses. Pavo will tell you he looks like a Borzoi cross.

I call him Pavo because it's Greek for "peacock" and if you ever watched him primp you'd know why.

He's taller than I am, which isn't saying much; with wavy black hair, amber eyes, olive skin and lips a screen goddess would pay big bucks for. He was tossed out of a car half-dead in front of my store on its opening day. He'd been Outcast by his pack and half-chewed to death by his own father. Weyrs are as narrow-minded and tight-assed as a ex-Marine. First chance he got, he bit my left hand hard enough to leave a scar and blood oathed to me even though I told him I didn't want him to. Weyrs are also more stubborn than a constipated mule.

"Unless my client shows up quick, she'll just have to roll down the river without me." Too bad, Jeri as Tina Turner is only two shades darker than the original and every bit as gorgeous. Most of the acts at Maddy's make a better looking woman than I do. It's just not fair. "Shoo! Go put on your dancing pants!" I waved him off. He headed for the back stairs, laughing


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meritjubet From: meritjubet Date: November 3rd, 2008 01:37 am (UTC) (Link)
You've got yourself an icon! Coolness.

This was a nice establishment of the character, Pavo and also of the world in which they live. Getting to know more about this world is interesting!
just_ruth From: just_ruth Date: November 3rd, 2008 01:44 am (UTC) (Link)
Thank you! I found an old link to the ELouai Doll maker.

Glad you like the next piece.
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