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Music Drabble #1 - Not a rock, I'm just Ruth
All Me, no apologies
Music Drabble #1
sharona1x2 - #37 - Nine Yards of Other Cloth -- Joe Bethancourt (Otogizoushi - Heian arc)

Mansairaku danced for the nobles. He was grace and elegance itself. His painted face and his fluttering fans hid his true opinions.

The world outside Heian-Kyo burns. He thought angrily. Children cry from hunger. Desperate men do desperate things to try and save themselves and you do nothing. The one man who might have saved you lies dying and you sip your sake and write your so-clever haiku and think yourselves about it all.

Soon, the balance will be restored. We shall see how all your refinement fares when the fires of true refinement sweep over you.

He finished his dance and bowed low to the Emperor. The Emperor applauded and gifted him with a robe. Mansairaku gave solemn thanks.

Better you should have given me a shroud. He thought.

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