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Sticky post - Not a rock, I'm just Ruth
All Me, no apologies
Sticky post
I'm good about friending, if we have enough mutual interests, let me know!

Witch of the Foregate
Waiting Out the Storm
Alice's Garden (Winterbone's Blues)
Song Unwritten
The Song of Twenty-Seven Sakura
Winterbone's Blues

Anime and other fan fiction writings (2007-)
Candles (Gundam wing)
Court Time (Gundam Wing)
Bad Day (FAKE)
"Vive! (FAKE
Like, Like Lunch (FAKE)
Drake Finds a Clue(FAKE)
Disappointment(Gundam Wing)
Garden Party(Shounen Onmiyouji)
Like Any Normal Person (Gundam Wing)
Unspoken (Otogizoushi)
King or Fool? (FAKE)
On A Clear Day (Gundam Wing)
Tea for Two (crossover)
Worth A Thousand Words(crossover)
Quiet Time (Gundam Wing)
Gundam Wing: Negotiations
Gundam Wing Requests
Torchwood Request
Otogizoushi Request

Supernatural fic
Gen save where indicated
A Midnight Clear
The Sin Eating of Josh McCoy
The Puppy Song on fluffandfold (J2)
Angels Watching
Supernatural and Dark Angel request drabbles
Hoofbeats of Yesteryear
Just Get Through This Night
Breaking Point
The Puffball Gang to the Rescue!
Candlelight Service
What a Wonderful World
Strawberry Wine(Sam/OMC)
Everyone Goes to Ellen's
Seeking Peace, Finding War
It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
Who Ya Gonna Call?
Maneki Neko
Rocky Mountain High (in Colorado)
A Little Christmas
Second Sight
The Church Lady
The Haunted Forest
The Last Voyage of the White Lady
He's Back!
Bad Ink


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