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Story poem - Not a rock, I'm just Ruth
All Me, no apologies
Story poem
The Murder Bull
(collected by Manly Wade Wellman in the book "After Dark" 1980)
"I learnt it from a Texas man who said the thing really truly happened in his part of the world"
When the night is dark and stormy
And the ghost wind moans and chills
They tell about the Murder Bull
That roams the Texas hills
It was at that big round up
In eighteen eighty-four
Two brothers claimed a stray bull calf
On the old Red River shore
He wasn't much to fight for
But Jillson's hate was black
He fired a shot through Graham's chest
And it came out the back
Graham drew his bowie knife
And struck in Jillson's side
And both fell down, and no one knew
Which was the first that died
The other at the roundup
They gathered 'round and said
There's none of us will claim that calf
Now that both of them are dead
A running iron they heated
The calf they roped and tied
And in big, burning letters
Spelled MURDER on his hide
They drove him out into the hills
And when his time was full
He grew up big and terrible
The maverick Murder Bull
And many a year's been born and died
But still he prowls at night
With MURDER branded on his flank
In letters red and bright
If you live in East Texas
Be always on your guard
Because some night the bull may come
Walk right into your yard
While you sit in there watching
The fire that dulls and dies
He'll come up to your window
with MURDER in his eyes
Then turn and look the other way
And hold your frightened breath
For if you face the Murder Bull
His eyes will give you death


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