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Dear Yuletide Writer - Not a rock, I'm just Ruth
All Me, no apologies
Dear Yuletide Writer
Hi, this is my first Yuletide so you're stuck with a "virgin."

I like things PG-13 to soft R; I don't like graphic violence. I severely dislike the female character bashing so prevalent in fandom (and don't try to tell me it's part of the plot - I know full well it isn't). I can tolerate smut in small doses but I prefer if you leave it to my imagination or "fade to black."

I love swashbuckling and action! If you don't know what swashbuckling is - go to IMDB and type in "Errol Flynn" he's one of my idols.

I think I was fairly straight forward in my requests - and oh, yes, do give me a happy ending or at the very least, a "galloping off into the sunset" :)

1. Arthurian Legends - any of the characters. I prefer knights to ladies and as I said, give me a swashbuckler with action and plot!

2. Dresden Files(tv) - Bob and Harry
Self explanatory I think: Merry Christmas Bob! Go for silliness or sentimentally but give me a warm fuzzy glow

3. MacGyver "Mac" is another swashbuckling idol! He can do just about anything and usually does. :) Jack Dalton is a Han Solo based rogue and conman who always seems to need Mac to bail him out. Sam aka Sean A Malloy was revealed in the last season to be Mac's son and the show ended with the two of them riding off into the sunset on motorcycles

So I want a good old action-packed Jack in trouble, again and Mac to the rescue, again.

I know there is plenty of Mac/Jack slash in what is left of the fandom, and I have no objections to that, just keep it subtle, because if it was on the show I didn't see it. And, because I know the way some people's kinks run - NO incest, period.

4. One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights) I cut my teeth on Ray Harrihausen's "Sinbad" movies, so don't try to be accurate! Sinbad is my favorite character, but any of the characters from the tales can swashbuckle with the best. :)

Hope I was helpful!


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thistlerose From: thistlerose Date: October 23rd, 2007 11:17 pm (UTC) (Link)
You might want to unlock this, just in case your person isn't on your flist.

Yay for swashbuckling adventure! I hope you get some, and I get to read it. :)
just_ruth From: just_ruth Date: October 23rd, 2007 11:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thanks for reminding me! Yeah, I hope I get some swashbuckling too - and because it's become an obscure fandom, I hope I get some MacGyver
hexadecimal00 From: hexadecimal00 Date: October 24th, 2007 12:31 am (UTC) (Link)

Just saying hi because I haven't been around much lately. Thanks for the e-card by the way. It made me very happy. My Dad has lost more weight with chemo and he's getting frighteningly thin. Did your husband lose a lot of weight? I'm trying to convince myself it's normal.
just_ruth From: just_ruth Date: October 24th, 2007 02:17 am (UTC) (Link)
Jack lost fifty pounds within three months - he's only gained back about seven. It's fairly normal.
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