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(Otogizoushi) Unspoken by Ruth (G) - Not a rock, I'm just Ruth
All Me, no apologies
(Otogizoushi) Unspoken by Ruth (G)
(Originally written for het_challenge)
Title: Unspoken
Fandom: Otogizoushi
Pairing/Character: Tsuna/Urabe
Author: Just_Ruth
Ratings: G
Warnings: none
Summary: Much between the samurai Watanabe no Tsuna and the onmyoji Urabe was never said aloud
Symbols: _italics_
Notes: The renga or renko was a poetry game played among the nobility (and very likely the common folk) with as few as two or as many as one hundred players it was a back-and-forth of images and phrases. It always begins with a triplet in a 5-7-5-syllable scheme and is answered with a 7-7-syllable couplet. Cherry blossoms are symbolic of the samurai's transient life. Wild ducks and cranes are symbols of romantic fidelity.

This world is filled
With illusion and pain
We rise above it

The World Above the Clouds is
Bound in rules and ignorance

Rules of conduct teach
Dignity, Duty
And modesty

Bind a light behind a screen
It dies slowly in the dark

Duty relies on
The strength of ones loyalty
Hold secrets closely

Secrets are not always held
Not all eyes are shut or blind

Secret lost becomes
Dangerous for our master
I cannot allow this

Allies hold fast their secrets
Our master is most worthy

Lord Raikou's trust
Is a most precious honor
Very few can bear it.

Likewise precious is the Lord's
Loyal retainer and friend

Temptations come
To be rejected by those
Who serve and protect

Is it temptation only?
Or does duty have a heart?

I deny nothing
But duty must come before
A samurai's heart

Cherry blossom petals fall
But wild ducks fly together

Perhaps I will fly
But this current journey
I will finish first

I shall follow down the road
Until you finish the task

Two cranes may dance as one
Without duty between them
Satisfied at last

I come to the end
But there will be no verse
To answer my own


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