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misanagi's story - Not a rock, I'm just Ruth
All Me, no apologies
misanagi's story
It's a repolish of an oldie. . .

Title: Omae O Korosu
Author: Ruth
Rating: G
Pairing: Heero and Quatre
Warnings: Missing scene
Disclaimers: Gundam Wing and it's characters are owned by the corporation Sotsu/Sunrise, Bandai and others and are being used for entertainment purposes only. You honestly think anyone would pay me for this?
Summary: Missing scenes between the end of Episode 28 and Episode 29

“Quatre, I’ll kill you,” Heero Yuy muttered. Quatre Raberba Winner shook his head to get the sweaty bangs out of his eyes, he was getting tired. Heero added something unintelligible. Quatre shifted his grip on the other pilot, hiking him up a little further on his shoulder. Heero was not well. He was still battling the Zero System even though they had escaped from it, the scientists and the Moonbase.

“Not much further, Heero,” he murmured, hoping it would be true as they sloshed on through the swamp. Heero groaned. They had to find shelter or at least somewhere dry where they could rest for the night. A mosquito whined past Quatre’s ear and he hissed a curse at it.

It was more luck than anything else that caused them to stumble on the shack. It looked ancient, more of a shed than a house, but there were four walls and a roof. The door hung slack from one hinge. Quatre pushed it open to find a rusting old wood stove and a battered cot was all that was inside. He lowered Heero to the cot. The mattress looked to be the newest thing in the shack.

“Quatre, I’ll kill you,” Heero muttered again. Quatre felt his forehead. He was burning with fever. Quatre worked Heero’s wet sneakers and drenched socks off so his feet could dry. He broke open the survival pack he’d scavenged together from the shuttle and threw the single blanket over his companion. Getting his own wet shoes off, he sat down on the floor, wrapping his vest around his feet and nibbling on an emergency ration bar.

By dawn, Heero’s fever had risen. He thrashed and moaned, the only thing he said that made any sense was an endless promise to kill Quatre.

Quatre didn’t blame him, after all, /he/ was the one who followed Professor H’s blue print for the immensely powerful Gundam. /He/ was one who let his anger control him, leaving himself wide open for the Zero System to take over his mind and act out his anger on the resource satellite, the minor colony, the troops, the mobile dolls and on the Vayeate.

((Trowa)) His eyes filled up with tears. It was /his/ fault and Trowa had paid the highest price to break him free from his rage and pain. Of course Heero wanted to kill him.

Quatre tended Heero as best he could.

“I know, you’ll kill me, drink this.”

“Yes, you’ll kill me, let me clean you up a little.”

The second day, he heard voices. OZ troops, looking for them. “Quatre, I’ll kill you,” Heero moaned and Quatre threw himself on top of the other pilot, clamping both hands over Heero’s mouth to keep him still.

Heero growled and struggled. “Shh,” Quatre hissed in his ear. “Shh!” He hung on until the voices faded.

The third morning saw him sitting on the floor at the foot of the cot, his forehead on his knees. He had never been so tired in his life. Heero had finally fallen asleep. As he hung in the grey area between waking and sleeping, he was aware of something at the edge of his perception. A faint tremor through the Soul of Space. Trowa was alive. He blinked, not lifting his head as the certainty bloomed in his exhausted mind and dulled soul. Trowa was alive.

“Quatre,” Heero whispered hoarsely.

Quatre closed his eyes again. “I know,” he said wearily, “you’re going to kill me.”

“Thank you.”

Quatre sat up, his eyes open and looked towards Heero in surprise. Heero was looking back, his face pale and drained, but his eyes were no longer fogged with fever.

“Are you all right?” Quatre had to force himself to his feet.

“Thirsty,” Heero admitted. He tried to sit up, but slid back down. Quatre offered him the canteen and he sipped at the container. “How long?”

“Three days,” Quatre said.

Heero frowned. “Why?”

“We have to stay together,” Quatre sat down on the cot. “It’s the only way we ever seem to accomplish anything.” He froze, listening for a long moment before he stood up and went to the door. Heero sat up as he stood there.

“What is it?”

“The troops are back,” Quatre rubbed his eyes. “I think – I think they have dogs with them this time.” He headed back. “I’ll help you up. We’ve got to . . . .”

Heero held up a hand to stop him. “I’m too weak, you’re too tired.”

“Heero, they’ve got orders to execute us.”

Heero shook his head. “Not now. They’ll want a show. They’ll want us well. We’ll let them catch us. We’ll rest, get strong and escape.”

Quatre sank back down to sit on the floor again.

“And /then/ I’ll kill you.”

Quatre turned. Heero was smiling. As he stared at him, the dark haired boy began to chuckle. Was it possible that Heero had just made a /joke/?



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misanagi From: misanagi Date: May 1st, 2005 03:47 am (UTC) (Link)
Ruth, this was exactly what I wanted. It's so perfect. I love it, every part of it. I've always had a thing for all the missing scenes between Zero and Heero and Quatre arriving at Sank. There are a lot of gaps there, and I'm really happy you filled one for me, and in such a wonderful way. *hugs*

*adds to memories*
darthanne From: darthanne Date: May 1st, 2005 04:15 am (UTC) (Link)
I really like this. I have a weakness for missing scenes, and this was just perfect. Very IC for both of them, could picture it so easily.

Poor boys *cuddles them*

I liked the bit where Quatre realised he could sense Trowa too, that he was still alive. That knowledge is going to help him get through I think.

Thank you for writing :)
2 comments or Leave a comment