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for ladyshadowphyre andkwycksylver Inu-Yasha drabble - Not a rock, I'm just Ruth
All Me, no apologies
for ladyshadowphyre andkwycksylver Inu-Yasha drabble
Best I could do --

Title: Message in a Bottle
Author: Ruth
Fandom: Inu Yasha
Pairing: (characters only) Miroku and Sesshomaru
Rating: PG
Warnings: Timeline, what timeline? Jaken abuse
word count:1014

The villagers had sought out the monk and begged his help in ridding their village of a nest of tengu that were harassing them. The monk demanded payment up front, then went in search of the monsters. He came back with the news they had flown away to the south. The village showered the monk with praise and many gifts.

Actually, the tengu had been considering leaving the area anyway, having exhausted their amusement with the village. The monk simply bribed them with half of his payment to leave a few days early and leave the nest looking like there had been a battle.

"Master, it's not my fault, I swear!" the toad demon, Jaken wailed. He and his master, the mighty demon dog Sesshomaru, had been following the Staff of Two Heads in search of Sesshomaru's father's tomb. The staff had led them into a vacated tengu's nest. The bird demons had cleared out and there had been an old bottle among the rubbish left behind. Jaken had shook it and opened it to see it there was anything inside. It had been a bottle trap, and his master had been sucked inside.

Jaken could feel his master's rage vibrating through the ceramic. He was sorely tempted to leave the bottle where it was and run away. It seemed a good idea, until he stopped and considered what would happen if his master got out of the trap and discovered Jaken had abandoned him. No, that would not be a good idea at all.

Jaken tucked the bottle into his robe and hurried away in search of help. Passing by the village, he heard the farmer's telling each other about the monk, Miroku and how he had driven away the terrible tengu with his magic. It was as good a plan as any, so Jaken went in search of Miroku.

Miroku had been sleeping very peacefully under a tree, dreaming of bright eyed adoring girls when something shook the sleeve of his robe. He opened his eyes and promptly smacked the dreadful little toad creature over the head with his staff. "Who are you?" he demanded in between whacks.

"Mercy!" Jaken squalled. "Ow! My master, ow! Ow! Ow! My master needs help!"

"Master, eh?" Miroku stopped thumping him. "Where is he?"

"He's in here!" Jaken held out the magic bottle.

"Where?" asked Miroku.

"Here!" yelled Jaken, popping open the stopper. The monk vanished inside the bottle. Jaken put both hands to his aching head and wailed in despair.

Miroku tumbled through a wide space and landed hard on another body.

"Get off me!" it roared. The interior of the bottle gave off a pale greenish glow. Miroku's eyes adjusted and he found himself nose to nose with a silver-haired demon. It's eyes burned fiery gold. Through the silks and leather that covered the demon's body, Miroku was fairly certain he felt the contours of a male body.

"A thousand pardons, not my intention, I assure you," Miroku scrambled off. "You, I take it, are the toad fellow's Master?"

"Jaken! What has that idiot been doing?" the demon snarled. "I am Lord Sesshomaru, human."

"Miroku, a humble monk seeking only to aide those in need," Miroku bowed quickly. "I was told by the, er, Jaken that his Master needed help." He looked around the bottle. "Except to be of help I would have needed to be on the outside of this bottle."

"I will kill him," said Sesshomaru.

"I'm sure that's your prerogative."

"Shut up or I'll kill you too!"

"Assuredly," Miroku promptly sat down cross legged and commenced to mutter prayers, even though he suspected the deities were more inclined to laugh than be of aide in this situation. Sesshomaru paced back and forth, cursing and growling. What appeared to be a long ruff of fur occasionally bristled and his face would elongate in his fury. Miroku promptly changed his sotto voce chant to a sutra that would render him invisible to demons. It seemed to work, for Sesshomaru forgot he was there until they were suddenly lifted, shaken violently and dropped.

The bottle rolled and rolled until it stopped abruptly, throwing the occupants into a heap.

"Get off me!" Sesshomaru ordered. He and Miroku had ended up nose to nose again.

"I'd love to, but I seem to be on the bottom." Miroku retorted.

"Then who's on my back?" demanded Sesshomaru.

"Master, I swear it wasn't my fault!" Jaken squeaked. The demon howled, jumped to his feet and grabbed the toad monster by the neck.

"I can't believe you just said that," growled Sesshomaru. "What happened?"

"I went to the stream," Jaken whined. "The bottle slipped out of my hands! I didn't mean to drop it!" He yammered hastily. "The cork popped off and. . . and. . ."

Miroku scoffed to himself, suspecting the toad had meant to pitch the bottle into the stream and run. Sesshomaru must have been thinking the same thing. Jaken was an unpleasant color of green that was turning even more unpleasant with the addition of blue as his Master throttled him. Miroku sighed and went back to his comfortable spot, but stepped into water.

"My Lord Sesshomaru," he called. "My Lord, I think I have a way out."

"Oh?" growled the demon.

Miroku gestured to the water. "The bottle is leaking. Therefore, there is a crack. I think, my Lord, if we could strike with sufficient force right here. . ."

"Get out of my way," Sesshomaru dropped Jaken.

The bottle cracked into a thousand shards where it lay on the stream bed. Sesshomaru stood and looked at the sun set, he had no way of guessing how long he'd been in that bottle.

"Master?" Jaken's voice was hoarse from his near strangulation. "The human's getting away."

Sesshomaru looked at the monk heading quickly up the bank. "Let him go," he growled. "Let his life be his reward. Come Jaken, the staff."



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ladyshadowphyre From: ladyshadowphyre Date: July 20th, 2004 09:23 pm (UTC) (Link)

Lady Shadowphyre
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